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we've been here for many years.

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Our company has been active in the field of travel insurance for the last 3 years. Travel insurance covers the risk in the unexpected that may occur during the duration of a voyage, whether recreational or professional. It also covers any possible cancellation of the trip with an immediate refund of 100% of the amount. Our cooperation with Lloyds offers reliability, security and warranty for all the above..

Our Team

V. Pallidis

CEO - General Manager

J. Zachilas


A. Moustakidou

Social Media Manager

P. Karatzas

Marketing Guru

A. Djordjevic

UI / UX Designer

Our Underwriter
ASUA : All Seasons Underwriting Agencies Ltd

All Seasons Underwriting Agencies Ltd (ASUA) is a privately owned company and was founded in March 1997. Since then it has managed the portfolio of travel insurance business providing schemes for travel agents and tour operators. In November 2004 ASUA was granted permission by the Financial Conduct Authority to transact regulatory business. ASUA was granted its FCA European Union (E.U.) passport authority for all member states of the E.U. in 2008. ASUA is also a member of the Travel Underwriters Group. ASUA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 308488.